Recently I have been looking for information about making money online. I have found a pretty cool page on Squidoo, which is called “Ways To Make Money Online For Free”.

This lens features dozens of ways to earn money from home and I have really liked the paid to post section. The owner of this page has added links to websites, where we can earn money by using forums. Here are the best ways to make money by participating on forums (based on my own experience). – they pay money for posting on forums and being active in message boards. Every user receives points for posting on forums. These points could be redeemed for money – 5 cents for every point and this money will be sent to your PayPal account as soon as you reach 4 dollars. – is one of the oldest paid to post forums and you can earn money by being active on this forum. Refer your friends, be active on their forums and get money for doing so. – as for me, the most creative way to make money with forums. Here you can sell your avatar ad space and get paid for every click. 30% of the money will be passed to you from advertisers.

I do hope that this post was interesting to you. Thanks for reading, hope to see you around.

Internet blogging is a good thing for anyone, I have started this blog in order to share my thoughts and ideas about earning money from home and creating a business from home. Being a stay at home mom I try to both earn money and take care of my home stuff.